Jenny Soriano

Middle School Science Teacher, STEM Integration Specialist

VPN Fuss


So, I finally managed to set up the VPN connection for my iPhone. While China’s Internet service speed is pretty slow, it doesn’t help that a lot of websites are blocked here as well thus the fuss over finding some gateways to get through the Great Fire Wall. You have to get yourself a VPN connection to somehow tear down a part of the Wall and let yourself through the unlimited world wide web.

Well see, where this would lead me.

Samantala sa 南丹东路的房子


Samantala sa dakong dito…

katatapos lang naming maghapunan kasama ang ibang mga kaibigan dito sa tahanan ni Mikael. Nasa pangatlong linggo na naming tinatamasa ang masarap na lutong-bahay ng Chinese Ayi. Napag-isipan naming ibahagi ang malinamnam na mga putaheng inihahanda sa aming mesa tuwing Miyerkules at Linggo.

Pasensya mga kaibigan, sapagkat mabilis pa sa alas-kwatro ang pagkaubos ng pagkain kaya wala ng ebidensyang maibahagi dito sa pahinang ito. Iba talaga ang lutong-bahay. Humba, Bistek (Istilong Shanghai), Bola-Bola (Istilong Shanghai rin) at Ginisang Pechay. At syempre kanin.

Kelangan kong matulog nang maaga ngayun sapagkat iilang linggo (hindi araw ang bilangan nito kung mararapatin) ko ng nakasanayang matulog nang madaling araw na sa kadahilanang bakasyon pa kami dito.

sya sya.

Saturday Night


It’s 11:30pm and I am still up. I was supposed to go out for coffee tonight but decided against it the last minute

I cooked pork sinigang for dinner with instant sinigang sa sampalok mix. It didn’t turn out as well as how my mom would have prepared it. I got the meat from the Jia De Li shop just around the block. I had dinner all by myself because my flatmate was out somewhere.

I busied myself reading online entertainment news articles. They never cease to amuse me even in my saddest moments. Somehow, these strange stories always continue to fascinate me even though I know that they are completely worthless and is just a waste of my time.

I should have started reading the books that I bought from home but as usual, I am procrastinating.

Oh well, this is how I spend my Saturday evening. Now, I have to go to bed, my eyes are a little tired and I will try to work on writing down stuffs more.