Cynthia of DCHS Class 95

Somewhere in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Week 3, Day 21 July 15 Friday

I forgot to mention that there were other places that I’ve been to other than the list that I’ve enumerated in my previous blog. On our second week, when Michael finally got his driver’s license and we eventually had our car (courtesy of Mrs. Sarah V), Michael brought me to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to meet my classmate of 12 years* from Davao Central High School, Batch 1995.

*I went to a bilingual school in Davao City, Philippines where we were in a blocked class from kindergarten years until senior year in high school. It was Section B class for all 12 years and it was usually a class of 46 students or less.

Cynthia’s 4 year old daughter is a very sweet girl. It was charming how apologetic she was for being not able to pick flowers for us from her mom’s backyard. She is a very smart girl who was very excited to show us her craft works.

Highway Specifics
It was a 4 hour drive from Sayre, Pennsylvania. There were a lot of very small town roads that we drove through on our way to where Cynthia lives.

High-Spirited Moments
Yummy Filipino dishes that Cynthia prepared for lunch. We had Pork Ribs Sinigang, Lumpiang Shanghai, Kinilaw na Tuna, Home-made Brownies and Cantaloupe Ice Cream for dessert. We also got some goodie treats from Cynthia’s work: some Hershey Chocolate pull over shirts.

Cynthia’s kitchen cupboard was stocked up with a lot of Filipino food ingredients so she won’t feel homesick.

Her freezer can feed the entire Section B class if we were to have a Batch Reunion, not to mention Cynthia’s admirable cooking skills.

It’s very heartwarming to see someone you haven’t seen for a long time. I am looking forward to any class reunion that we could probably have in the future.

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