Cynthia of DCHS Class 95

Somewhere in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Week 3, Day 21 July 15 Friday

I forgot to mention that there were other places that I’ve been to other than the list that I’ve enumerated in my previous blog. On our second week, when Michael finally got his driver’s license and we eventually had our car (courtesy of Mrs. Sarah V), Michael brought me to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to meet my classmate of 12 years* from Davao Central High School, Batch 1995.

*I went to a bilingual school in Davao City, Philippines where we were in a blocked class from kindergarten years until senior year in high school. It was Section B class for all 12 years and it was usually a class of 46 students or less.

Cynthia’s 4 year old daughter is a very sweet girl. It was charming how apologetic she was for being not able to pick flowers for us from her mom’s backyard. She is a very smart girl who was very excited to show us her craft works.

Highway Specifics
It was a 4 hour drive from Sayre, Pennsylvania. There were a lot of very small town roads that we drove through on our way to where Cynthia lives.

High-Spirited Moments
Yummy Filipino dishes that Cynthia prepared for lunch. We had Pork Ribs Sinigang, Lumpiang Shanghai, Kinilaw na Tuna, Home-made Brownies and Cantaloupe Ice Cream for dessert. We also got some goodie treats from Cynthia’s work: some Hershey Chocolate pull over shirts.

Cynthia’s kitchen cupboard was stocked up with a lot of Filipino food ingredients so she won’t feel homesick.

Her freezer can feed the entire Section B class if we were to have a Batch Reunion, not to mention Cynthia’s admirable cooking skills.

It’s very heartwarming to see someone you haven’t seen for a long time. I am looking forward to any class reunion that we could probably have in the future.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Note: I’m going to write some of my adventures in a backward order. Just bear with it for now. This US trip has been very enriching for me and although I initially planned on having a progressive travel blog, it was pretty challenging since my travel partner and I have been all over the place in quite a short period at a time. So, I was savouring my moment in the places that we’ve been while socializing and meeting new friends at the same time. We flew from Shanghai, China in 24 June, Saturday at about 8pm, arrived in Newark, New Jersey on the same day at around 9pm or so. It was a 16hours or so, ordeal on top of the 2hours delay from Shanghai. To date, I would try to recall the places that we’ve to so far:

Week 1: New York City, NY
Sayre, Pennsylvania
Corning, NY

Week 2: West Chester, Philadelphia
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
Seven Oaks, Virginia
(I forgot the name of the city) Maryland
Washington, DC

Week 3: Boston, Massachusetts
Cambridge, Massachusets
Bimhangtom, New York
Sayre, Pennsylvania
Chicago, Illinois

Week 4: Fort Collins, Colorado
Rocky Mountains National Park, Colorado
Boulder, Colorado
Denver, Colorado
Frisco, Colorado

I will eventually post how I spent my time in each place in time before I get back to Shanghai.

For now, I will share a few pictures from my time at the Denver National Museum of Nature and Science. I went there with Kaitlin and Michael last Wednesday, 27 July.

We left around 7:30am since Kaitlin had to do some volunteer work at the museum. Kaitlin is a really cool and smart girl. She’s one of the many good friends that Michael have in the US. She studied Biological Anthropology in Colorado State University and did an internship with the team of expert scientists behind the digging of the Mammoth fossil relics in Snowmass, Colorado.

While Kaitlin had to work on the Mammoth fossils, Michael and I got to explore the Denver Museum of Nature and Science (Click this link for more details:

We signed up for the IMAX 2D movie: Journey to Space in the morning. While waiting for our movie schedule, we checked out the Space Odyssey exhibit area. It was the most fascinating exhibit that I have seen so far. You should check out their link:

I have become very fond of watching IMAX movies that right after watching Journey, we moved on into watching Mysteries of the Great Lakes. It was a story about the near-extinction of the Sturgeons. I was deeply touched by the dedication of the team that went out of their way to make sure that Sturgeons continue to breed healthily.

After meeting up with Kaitlin for lunch, Michael and I went to the exhibit about Real Pirates: The Untold Story of the Whydah from Slave Ship to Pirate Ship (Here is the link:

The exhibit showcased a lot of the discovered bits and pieces of the pirates’ weapons, clothing, gear, and other possessions that have been plucked from the wreck of the Whydah Gally off Cape Cod. I found it interestingly funny to be walking alongside excited pre-school kids who happened to be having their summer group tour in the museum. It made me reminisce about my pre-school days, minus the museum tours (because we didn’t have any).

Afterwards, we went to the Prehistoric Journey area, where there were a lot of ginormous Dinosaur fossil castings. I find this battle between the Allosaurus and the Stegosaurus completely captivating:

I tried to compare my bite with theirs but I think it’s pretty obvious that I am no match.

They did stand tall among the rest of their species.

Yikes! For more details about Prehistoric Journey, check their link ( exhibit).

We ended our tour by going to the Expedition Health exhibit area where we had to be given a Peak Pass so we can better enjoy our expedition to find out more about our health.

Now, it’s 3:58 AM here and as much as I want to blog more about the rest of my trip, I need to be healthy to do so.

Until the next US State people. Have a nice day ahead!

Colorado Adventures

Rocky Mountains National Park*, Colorado
12,183 feet above sea level
July 24, 2011 Sunday

Michael brought me to the Rocky Mountains National Park, which was a 2-hour drive away from where we were staying.

When we got to the Alpine Visitor Center, I felt dizzy and my head hurt a bit due to altitude change. From the information center of the park, we were given a flyer that shows instructions and suggested activities in the mountains. The thing that caught my interest was their warning about seeing bears. That is, if we get to see one. It says, that if ever we see one, we should act or appear tall and wave our hands around but if the bear attacks us, we should fight back. Yes, fight back, spelled out in bold letters. Yikes!

Anyways, when we managed to get our bearings, we tried to go hiking, maybe around 1 kilometer or less thereabouts. Even though it was summer time in the US, there were a lot of snow caps on top of the mountain. Thus, we tried to have little snow ball fight.

Yes, I was not dressed up for the winter because it was hot in the average ground level, that is where the foothills of the mountain was. So, I was shivering in the cold but that did not stop me from making my first snowballs.


*According to wikipedia, US has 58 protected areas known as national parks. It was signed into law through the Organic Act of 1916 created the National Park Service “to conserve the scenery and the natural and historic objects and wildlife therein, and to provide for the enjoyment of the same in such manner and by such means as will leave them unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations.

Bitter Sweetness

Being alone is bitter sweet. No one to comfort you when you feel your world is empty. You look for people that are not around anymore. Why do we keep on looking for something that we can never have?

On the brighter side of things, being alone is another avenue to give more time to oneself. Time to assess the things we possessed, see what we can do about it to be more productive.

Life is bitter sweet. It is bitter in such a way that you have to reanalyze and face the reality of what it has to offer. Reality does not always work to your favor. In fact, most of the time it could only give you the most trying times.

It is sweet that you get to have the liberty to choose and decide on what do feel is best for you and make the most of what you can offer.

VPN Fuss

So, I finally managed to set up the VPN connection for my iPhone. While China’s Internet service speed is pretty slow, it doesn’t help that a lot of websites are blocked here as well thus the fuss over finding some gateways to get through the Great Fire Wall. You have to get yourself a VPN connection to somehow tear down a part of the Wall and let yourself through the unlimited world wide web.

Well see, where this would lead me.

Samantala sa 南丹东路的房子

Samantala sa dakong dito…

katatapos lang naming maghapunan kasama ang ibang mga kaibigan dito sa tahanan ni Mikael. Nasa pangatlong linggo na naming tinatamasa ang masarap na lutong-bahay ng Chinese Ayi. Napag-isipan naming ibahagi ang malinamnam na mga putaheng inihahanda sa aming mesa tuwing Miyerkules at Linggo.

Pasensya mga kaibigan, sapagkat mabilis pa sa alas-kwatro ang pagkaubos ng pagkain kaya wala ng ebidensyang maibahagi dito sa pahinang ito. Iba talaga ang lutong-bahay. Humba, Bistek (Istilong Shanghai), Bola-Bola (Istilong Shanghai rin) at Ginisang Pechay. At syempre kanin.

Kelangan kong matulog nang maaga ngayun sapagkat iilang linggo (hindi araw ang bilangan nito kung mararapatin) ko ng nakasanayang matulog nang madaling araw na sa kadahilanang bakasyon pa kami dito.

sya sya.

Saturday Night

It’s 11:30pm and I am still up. I was supposed to go out for coffee tonight but decided against it the last minute

I cooked pork sinigang for dinner with instant sinigang sa sampalok mix. It didn’t turn out as well as how my mom would have prepared it. I got the meat from the Jia De Li shop just around the block. I had dinner all by myself because my flatmate was out somewhere.

I busied myself reading online entertainment news articles. They never cease to amuse me even in my saddest moments. Somehow, these strange stories always continue to fascinate me even though I know that they are completely worthless and is just a waste of my time.

I should have started reading the books that I bought from home but as usual, I am procrastinating.

Oh well, this is how I spend my Saturday evening. Now, I have to go to bed, my eyes are a little tired and I will try to work on writing down stuffs more.